Saturday, May 25, 2013


Looks like my letter accepting Villacarrillo went through quite a trip to get to Sevilla:

Memphis, France, Madrid, and finally to its destination! Cost a whopping $76, so that it would arrive on-time. And it was only 3 measly pieces of paper. Junta de AndalucĂ­a owes me mucho vino.

My faith in my work company took quite a blow today. Found out my year-long leave of absence was NOT approved. It didn't completely surprise me, as my request for a raise a few years ago was also turned down. But in both cases, I was given reasons that don't match the reality I see. I am hurt, because I have given my best to this company for 13 years, and I know there are fellow employees who appreciate my work.

It makes me that much more certain that entrepreneurship and creating my own path are the way to go. When you apply to work for a company, you limit the opportunities available to you. When you cast your net wide and try to meet everyone, the opportunity you fall into can be anything.

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