Monday, May 20, 2013


.....and the re-obsession starts! Received my acceptance email a few days ago, and I confirmed that I'm going to ANDALUCÍA!!! My first choice when I was picking regions. 
My happy reaction  
I don't know which school yet, but I've been absolutely obsessed with reading blogs of people who were placed there in previous years. I refuse to look at too many pics, but I do remember the insanely hot sun, the Moorish architectural influence, taking the train, the thick ceceo-filled accent, and the olive trees.
It was funny when my roomate needed a distraction from studying one day, and said, "Tell me some good news - and NOT about Spain!" and I actually had EXTREME difficulty coming up with something! That's how obsessed I've been lately. It's 'cause I don't want to forget any details; moving to another country is a big friggin' deal involving a lot of bureaucratic paperwork and planning. It will be an absolute relief when I move into my new place in Spain.

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