Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm a Teacher!

I have all kinds of labels: Editor, Language Lover, Guitar Player, Tough Mudder .... now I can add Teacher to the list! As of April I finished my part-time CELTA course. It's a type of teaching certification, a type of TEFL actually, that tells the world that I'm qualified, according to Cambridge, to teach English as a second / foreign language.
Ladies who teach! And our awesome tutor, Brad.
Doing this course was difficult. I'd been out of school for so long I had forgotten about homework... essays.... reading... Even though it was only 3 nights a week to attend class, it became my LIFE. I could not believe how much work there was! But, it was all worth it. I definitely feel more confident to teach English. My original plan, when I'd come up with it in Italy in 2012, was to just show up at English schools in Spain and ask for a job. I am so glad I did not! This doesn't mean I'll stick to the CELTA way to the letter - the teaching methodologies are meant to be general guidelines. But the program was invaluable in teaching me how to plan lessons, how to deal with anticipated/unanticipated problems, and helped me see another side of myself. I'm really proud that I put aside my social life in order to obtain the best grade possible. I can't wait to start my new career!

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