Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I'm Doing while Waiting

It's May 1st. The month when I'll (hopefully) receive my acceptance email from the program. I might even be taken off the BEDA waitlist, who knows? It's all up in the air and creating wayyyy too much anxiety for me. So how am I spending my time?

* applying for teaching work
* re-learning basic English grammar on the Cambridge English Teacher website; let's face it, I'm a native English speaker but I was barely taught grammar terminology
* learning Adobe After Effects
* teaching myself U.S. and Spain geography; Spaniards don't seem to care about Canada
* working as much as possible to build up the coin

What should I be doing, but choosing not to?

* working on my website (not this one); I'm having difficulty finding the motivation
* playing guitar - I just can't find the motivation, but I'm sure the need to play will come to me soon
* dating - not that I should be doing this, but I'm not actively out there in the scene because I'd rather spend my precious last few months with friends, or chilling at home getting stuff done and saving coin
* downsizing - I do it minimum once per week, but I'm not enjoying it so this process is THE slowest

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