Tuesday, May 21, 2013


"Where?" you may be asking. Specifically, here:

It's a tiny, tiny town of 11,000. The nearest place where I'll probably be living, Úbeda, is 35,000. Well, I certainly got what I wished for! My first choices were Andalucía, teaching adults, in a place quieter than my hometown. I got exactly what I asked for! HA HA HA

To completely embarass myself: once the shock of seeing the placement email wore off, I actually CRIED. Out of happiness, of course! I was just amazed at the incredible luck bestowed upon me.

I'm so glad I'll be teaching adults. They actually WANT to learn English, whereas kids usually are not interested and feel like it's being forced down their throats. I was honestly very nervous about my placement, because the NALCA program is notorious for assigning placements not of the applicants' choosing. I wouldn't have been surprised if they had placed me in AFRICA, teaching GIRAFFES.

I've been procrastinating by reading websites over and over, such as the school's website and its Google Map. Dang, the town looks... tranquil. Reminds me of the quiet side of Quebec City. Little exciting blips of information pop up, such as the school's Christmas extracurricular activity: it includes KARAOKE! Hells to the yea!

My prof said I could possibly live in Vill., if I'm required to work a lot during the week. It would ease up my commute, because the town is 30 min. by bus from Úbeda. But Úbeda looks SO damn pretty! I wonder what it will be like, for a girl from a region of 600,000 to live in a town of 35,000. I don't know, there's lots of options and I can't decide until I arrive in Úbeda and look around Villacarrillo. However, ideally I'd like to live in the former; it looks like Vienna, Italy!
Úbeda (izq) y Villacarrillo (der); "One of these things is not like the other...."

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