Thursday, May 9, 2013

Things Peeps Say When I Tell them I'm Moving to Spain

I definitely get big smiles and big thumbs up when I tell people what I'm doing. I also get interesting comments and questions:

"Spanish men are cheaters."

Okay, I've heard the stories. Maybe a lot are, but surely not every single one? I mean, Vancouver men are mostly shy, reserved, and dress like shit, but not all of them! Surely there has got to be Spanish men who are loyal, kind, smart, and hot? One of my friends said, "You're better off finding a Spanish guy who's ugly, bald, and fat." Great, thanks.

"Spain's economy sucks. What kind of job are you going to do?"

Yes, I love editing and the excitement of news. But I need to be fluent in Spanish before trying to find media work. When I went and got myself CELTA certified, in the beginning I thought I'd only teach as a way to make money in Spain. But I discovered that I loved it! I look forward to incorporating it in my arsenal of many job skills.

"Are you moving abroad because you got dumped?" (Yes, someone actually asked me this.)

No. I know that a lot of people, upon a painful breakup, go travelling to "find themselves". I found myself here, in Vancouver, thanks to my inner strength and the most wonderful friends in the world. But since my trip to Spain in 2005, I've always wanted to go back. I honestly think there's a horseshoe up my butt, because as awful as the breakup was, if it had been delayed by even one year, I wouldn't be in this lucky position. The NALCA program generally accepts people up to age 35 (there are a few exceptions), and the Canadian work holiday visa program is up to age 35 inclusive. So I got dumped just in time! It's funny, at the time of the breakup many said I'd look back and see it happened for a good reason. At the time, I wanted these people to piss off. But I also knew they'd be right, and sure enough now I see they were. (I owe you all a drink)

"You're bringing your CAT? Why?"

Because I love him and when I adopted him, I knew it'd be a lifelong commitment. A promise is a promise! I don't know anyone whom I feel would be able to take good care of him, and he's definitely not going back to the shelter! He's been with me through thick and thin - especially the thick part; his hefty 19 lbs. are the reason I'm having to sacrifice one of my large luggages for Spain. (Grrrrrrr!!!)
He looks cute and small. But the reason you can't see his hind paws? FAT.
Although it's more trouble and cost, I'm confident I'll find us un piso, as Spain landlords are mostly okay with renting to cat owners.

"Why Spain? Why not Korea or Vietnam or...?"

I fell in love with the country in 2005, and I knew I'd return. I had no idea I'd return to try living there long-term, but that's the plan! Plus, I love speaking Spanish. I find it easier than French, and more useful globally than Portuguese and Italian. I think being fluent in Spanish will open a lot of doors for me.

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