Sunday, August 25, 2013

Great Sexpectations

I was lucky growing up; my parents never put any expectations on me. Whatever career I wanted, whatever I wanted to wear, whatever I did with my love life -- they didn't meddle.
My friends, on the other hand... bless them for being like family. I love them as such. And as such, their expectations for my life in Spain are quite grand, to say the least.
According to their "sexpectations", I will apparently sleep with about 200 hot Spanish men, who will all ask me to marry them after dating for 2 weeks. My husband will turn out to be a prince, who lives in a castle overlooking the pueblo his family owns. Then, when my friends visit, they'll get to stay in a house in said pueblo, for free.

That's quite the prediction.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Things I'll Miss While in Spain

My friends and family

Can I convince the owners of Kishimoto to open a place in Úbeda?
Yeah, I love snow. Only 'cause I don't drive in it; I board in it!
F*** to the yeah
The Drive

A big paycheque
Before teaching... a teacher

Things I will NOT miss about home

Paying oodles for rent
In my hometown it's normal to pay 40 - 60 % of your income on rent. Terrible. In Spain, I will be paying 35% of my income, but if I were able to share a piso with roomates, I'd pay wayyyyyy less.

Places that close early
Do you know what this photo is? A club - with the "ugly lights" on. If you go clubbing in my city, you know ugly lights, because they come on wayyyyyy too early here. 2 - 3 a.m.? Noooooo!

Fashion sense
I swear to God, I saw a guy dressed like this on my street. And it wasn't even f***ing Hallowe'en - it was JUNE.