Wednesday, April 10, 2013

1 Down, 1 to go

Piss, BEDA didn't accept me for hiring. I've been put on a "waitlist" apparently, just in case someone drops out of the program. Sigh. Now I have NALCA left to wait for. Plus, in typical Spanish fashion, they've moved their assignment date for North Americans to MAY. You should see our group site on Facebook, we are absolutely DYING with anticipation! Ha ha
I'm working on getting all of my ducks in a row: selling things I can't take, making arrangements to give things away, preparing to have the Last Vacations with friends, planning document deadlines on my calendar. Saving money has been okay, my debt dropped rapidly and soon future coin will go towards my move.
I'll be honest, I'm REALLY SCARED to go. I want to go, and I'm going to, but more and more often I'm feeling more nervous than excited. Probably because time has passed by so quickly; at first it was a year, then 8 months, now suddenly it's 5 until I leave. OMG.

I've been thinking about how we live our lives. There are very, very few people I personally know who are doing what I'm doing: mid-thirties or older, single, not owning property, and moving to a new country. 99% of the people surrounding me are staying in Vancouver and working on getting married so they can have kids before they get too old. Once in a while, I feel strange sitting with my CELTA classmates: they're female, married, and either have kids or are about to. They ask about my weekend, and it consists of: partying, drinking, trading numbers with guys.... When I think about it too much, it does feel strange because I'm in my mid-thirties, shouldn't I be hitched by now?
Realistically speaking, who the f*** made up The Formula? I know people in general follow the grain. The majority do so. I just happen to be one of the "loose threads" in the carpet. Which makes sense because nothing's perfect. I read somewhere that in one society where they make carpets, they purposely weave a thread out of place, because they believe that only God can make perfect things. So SOMEONE's gotta be out of place. I'm one of those against the grain. :)

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