Friday, June 7, 2013

Doing it Alone is Scary as Hell

Most of the time, I am absolutely excited that I'm moving to Spain. But once in a while, I quietly have a mental freakout. There's soooooo much to do! It's exacerbated by the fact that I have to do it all by myself. It would be easier if I was moving with someone. Since becoming single last year, I've had to tackle tonnes of things on my own:

* dealing with a stalled car
* getting the battery replaced for the stalled car
* selling said stalled car
* buying a laptop
* applying for a visa
* getting my camera cleaned
* fixing my hard drive
* fixing household utilities

Even little, everyday scenarios can seem scarier when alone. One night, my cat ran out the door just as I walked in. It was midnight, and I wanted to go to bed. But no, Mr. I'maBreakOuttaJail goes running off into the night, and I'm forced to stay up and wait for his fat ass. At one point, I opened the back door to see if he'd returned, and what do I see? A big, scary, FATTER cat. Fatter than my cat. And because of the angle of my kitchen light being refracted in his eyeballs, his eyes were actually glowing RED. Like goddam Megatron in the cartoon Transformers. I jumped and slammed the door closed. To be honest, all I could wish for at that moment was someone to share my pain.
Tiene verg├╝enza.
My Fatty came home. Each time I accomplish something by myself, I'll admit the feeling afterwards is addictive. The heightened sense of inner strength is such a natural high.

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