Sunday, July 7, 2013

Death by a Thousand Choices

 I've been experiencing a mental paralysis the last few months. As blessed as I am to enjoy a free, choice-filled life, sometimes it's a curse. I often become paralyzed by the fear of making a wrong decision, due to over-analysis of every choice available. I become afraid of missing out on 6,262 other possibilities, so I think, think, and over-think each one. Fear of making a "bad" choice has been fueling an unquenchable desire to read about Spain and my region on the Internet, and endless worry about Vcar vs. Úbeda for my apartment.
When it all becomes too much to decide, perhaps the best thing to do is go with what's easiest, choose it, and roll with it. Choose "the easy way out". Obviously, Vcar is the easiest choice, because my work is located there. If I can't stand living there, I'll find a way to live in Úbeda. Ahora, no me preocupa.

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