Friday, February 26, 2016

I Passed!

Remember how down I felt after taking the DELE Spanish exam for C1 last year? Turns out it was all for naught. While studying Spanish (heh heh heh) in the library yesterday morning, I received an email with my results:
I was expecting to fail, so when I read the email I immediately wondered, "What the hell does 'APTO' mean?" (insert headsmack here) It means I passed. What did I do once I realized the good news? I grabbed the Spanish grammar and writing books on my table, threw them to the side, told my friends, and treated my roomate to lunch. My Spanish teacher was quite pleased to read my email.

What will I do with the time liberated from my study schedule? Look for translation work, plus get back into projects I had pushed aside for studying for the exam. I'd always dreamt of being fluent in another language. I knew I was, but now I have a piece of paper to prove it!

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