Tuesday, May 17, 2016


My blog posting will be erratic for the next few weeks. It's that time of year again where auxiliaries are saying goodbye to friends, tears are shed, and people move on with their lives. Some will stay because they've fallen in love with small-town JaƩn. Some have received new placements in bigger cities. Some will go home.
  The common denominator is that we came together and shared our tears, fears, and laughs. We created memories that we will look back upon fondly. Every experience we've had, good or bad, can't actually be classified as good or bad - they're just life experiences.
  I'll be heading to Canada soon, to say hello to friends and family, as it's been a long time. I've got a month to catch up with everyone. Once I've had a good rest, I'll post on here again and let readers know what's up.

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