Monday, August 24, 2015

“You Bet Your...” Gambling in Spain

For my Dad's birthday, just like Father's Day last year, I decided to buy him a lottery ticket. This time I chose an organization that sells lottery tickets for a good cause.

ONCE is very popular here. The vendors, who almost all have a disability of some kind, walk around wearing chains of lottery tickets around their neck. The 5-digit numbers that passerby spot can lead to an impulsive buy if they contain one or any combination of their lucky numbers. My friend spotted a vendor so I seized the chance to buy her number, too. Our tickets cost 5 euros each.

Besides lotteries involving buying tickets, in Jaén there are umpteen Salon de juegos (Gambling rooms). I am the type that enjoys gambling once in a while; I once went to Las Vegas alone and ended up having a great time attending lessons on craps and blackjack. However, these Jaén salons aren't my thing. It's simply machines and televisions to bet on races, and of course, a bar. I prefer tables, dealers, and interacting with the crowd.

Some of my favourite nights in my Canadian hometown consisted of dressing up, going to the casino, and enjoying a drink and live music before hitting the Russian Roulette or craps tables. I never made large bets, but it was just as exciting to see my $20 grow with a roll of the dice or a spin of the wheel.

It was the same when my friend texted saying we'd won 6 euros on ONCE. Upon redemption, I walked from the ONCE booth looking forward to using my winnings on dinner. You can bet I'll be playing again soon!

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