Monday, November 18, 2013

The Cold Bites

I had grand plans for this weekend: create a video to show off my piso; do all of my planning for my lessons this week; laundry; clean; go running; attend my neighbours' birthday; hit the bar with friends. I only accomplished the last two, and the resaca I had after hitting the bar is only part of the reason I didn't get much done.

The other factor: the cold. Words can't describe how the cold seeps into your bones in this part of Spain. I boasted to my neighbours that I'd be able to handle the coming winter, "because I'm Canadian". Then the season turned, and now I'm walking around my piso like the Michelin Man, wearing two sweaters, two flannel pants, socks, and thick slippers.

My bed - with no less than FOUR blankets

There's something about the cold that saps all your energy. I don't know how many times I've huddled on the couch covered by my blanket, my cat laying on me, and suddenly I remember a task I should be accomplishing. But I. don't. want. to. move. I'm warm! Why throw off my only protection from the cold, piercing fingers of Mr. Villacarrillian Frost?

I almost wept with joy when I showed up at a birthday party, and everyone was sitting around a brasero. The stove was situated under the table and a heavy blanket was draped over it, with everyone's legs under cover. A warm paradise!
Ain't no party like a brasero party

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